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Opened July 2018, Coven made its home in Lakewood, Ohio providing magical provisions for the modern feminist witch.

Whether you're dipping your toe into the world of witchcraft or have been practicing for years, Coven meets your needs. Witchy supplies like herbs, candles, sage, anointing oils, and crystals adorn Coven's shelves. If you just about the witchy aesthetic,  we've got you covered. Dress your space with patron saint Stevie   Nicks candles and yourself with a custom Coven hoodie.


Coven also offers artisan skincare, teas, bath salts, room sprays, and jewelry. Many items are handcrafted by women like in Lake Witch's Spell kits, authentic witch kits made by an actual witch, not something mass produced.


Looking for a supernatural experience? Carve a custom candle and anoint it for your highest intentions. Make your own mojo bag with our talented shop witches. Heal and restore with reiki from our Coven's in-house reiki master. Need some direction? Ask Coven's tarot reader to help you find answers to your long-held questions.


Coven is more than just a shop, it's a movement; we're here to empower you. As Miranda, our HWIC (head witch in charge) says, "I look at every woman and I see limitless possibilities. I just want them to see the same. While we aren't burned anymore in the way witches used to by being physically burned at the stake, I think society still burns women in a lot of ways. We're living under so much pressure. Witchcraft is simply a divine feminine awakening. It's a way for women to reclaim their lives and power."


Coven is here if you just need a shoulder to cry on, if you need somewhere to just be so that maybe you don’t feel so alone. Bring coffee and we can talk about magic. Blessed Be Witches. Each and every one of you are magical AF, okay? You've got this!

Meet Miranda, our HWIC.