A Within Weekend

Don't feel like going out this weekend?

Let's go within instead!

It's fun inside!

2020 has been loud & clear, going within is necessary.

Just beyond who we want to believe we are, lies our true self.

But how do we get there?

Sometimes we just need a weekend of stillness & reflection.

Although one weekend may not be capable of granting us a perpetual state of awareness, it is long enough for us to have a taste, and I promise that once you feel the bliss of being at one with your true identity, you may find yourself seeking less external gratifications than ever before.

This medicine is powerful & you don't have to be special to take it.

You already have access to it, you are the medicine.

So take yourself on a weekend within.

Pick a combination of these three activities & you will find yourself having a mystical weekend.

Three is a magickal number!

We are all exactly where we are supposed to be on our spiritual journeys.

Once we tap into spirit we realize that we are not our minds or bodies, we are consciousness, therefore everything we do can have intention & meaning.

Maybe you feel called to purchase fresh flowers from a local vendor that remind you of your favorite aunt, give a gift to another witch, & then wind down by watching Practical Magick for the evening.

With intention & focus you will hear your higher self flowing within you. That sounds like a beautiful experience.

Maybe you feel called to go deeper.

Maybe you do yoga and allow some pain to be pulled out of your body, something that has plagued you from long ago. Maybe you will cry or you will wail. You release it, and you go to bed feeling more at peace.

Maybe you feel empowered to go beyond the ego and let go of a story you associate with yourself. This can be painful, but necessary when we want to grow & prevent toxic patterns.

Some examples of this can be, "I'll never find love", "I'm so stupid", "everyone always takes advantage of me", "I have trouble making friends", "There is no community where I live", so on and so forth.

We can become so limited in our reality by the stories we tell ourselves.

How we feel about ourselves today is generated by how we choose to interpret all of our past experiences.

We may not be able to make these memories of our past go away but we can choose to watch them with love & compassion.

We can look upon these stories from our past not through our minds, but through consciousness, recognizing with awareness that no matter how painful or how amazing the experience was, that it happened, its no longer happening, and it literally has no control over the level of peace that we are capable of feeling presently.

We are not our thoughts about these moments, we are consciousness.

I will attach a few resources below.

Have a wonderful weekend going within.

Keep Seeking


"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear" -Rumi

Enjoy this 30 minute slow flow with Anna Simi

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