A Within Weekend

Don't feel like going out this weekend? Let's go within instead! It's fun inside! 2020 has been loud & clear, going within is necessary.Just beyond who we want to believe we are, lies our true self. But how do we get there?

Sometimes we just need a weekend of stillness & reflection.

Although one weekend may not be capable of granting us a perpetual state of awareness, it is long enough for us to have a taste, and I promise that once you feel the bliss of being at one with your true identity, you may find yourself seeking less external gratifications than ever before.

This medicine is powerful & you don't have to be special to take it.

You already have access to it, you are the medicine.

So take yourself on a weekend within.

Pick a combination of these three activities & you will find yourself having a mystical weekend.

Three is a magickal number!

We are all exactly where we are supposed to be on our spiritual journeys.

Once we tap into spirit we realize that we are not our minds or bodies, we are consciousness, therefore everything we do can have intention & meaning.

Maybe you feel called to purchase a new plant from a local vendor, take an end of the summer swim, & then wind down by cleaning your altar for the evening.

(Below is one of my favorite local plant shops)

Below are some more resources I made to help inspire you to have a beautiful weekend within!

You can capture Moon water up to three days after the full moon! Snag some of that Pisces Magick that is still floating around. It will be the perfect dreamy essence to add to products for Autumn Cleaning & Clearing.

Here are a couple healers that I work closely with...

Keep Seeking,