Good Vibrations for Tough Times

I don’t know about you all, but these uncertain times have me clinging to my crystals even more than usual. Be it the energy they radiate or just the calming sensation of having something weighted in your hand, crystals have been getting me through this quarantine. Grounding, soothing, peaceful, balancing. These are the vibes I’ve been gravitating towards through this time. Here are a few of my favorite crystals to incorporate to help you feel those Good Vibrations Marky Mark is always singing about.


This peachy crystal helps calm the mind, and who wouldn’t need a little calming these days? I’ve been using this crystal in my meditations as it helps facilitate meditative states and opening up to divine guidance. My guides always seem to come through more when I have this crystal around, usually I have it on my altar, but I’ve been carrying it around my house with me wherever I go. It is also said to activate a connection between the head and the heart, helping us feel uplifted and centered. This interconnectedness helps ease worry and has been massively helpful for me personally.

Apache Tear

At the first on set of stress, panic, or grief, Apache Tear is my go to. As far as ground crystals go, the gentle vibrations allows you to come to a place of self-realization and serenity. I like to keep Apache Tear close to my heart; it feels like it’s absorbing any grief or heaviness I’m carrying there. I always have one of these with me as it is quick to ground and protect, and most of all heal. Apache Tear is a source of light during dark times.


All about transition, Lepidolite help keep the mind and body in balance, especially during spiritually taxing times. The calming vibes are good to keep close at hand during the storm to help find your center. Easing feelings of anxiety, this lavender stone helps replace feelings of fear with courage when it comes to facing the new. Lepidolite too encourages stillness, to abide in peace. If you’re looking for a crystal to bring stress-free, soothing vibrations, take a breath and reach for Lepidolite.


Having trouble quieting your mind? Stilbite calms and soothes a racing mind, helping you relax and even with sleep. It too emanates a soft loving energy, encouraging heart healing, especially in terms of grief or loss. With a clam mind, it’s easier to slip into relaxation or a deeper meditative state. What’s beautiful about Stilbite is that all you need to to do reap the benefits is simply to place a cluster in your space; it’ll pump out good vibrations all day, filling your space with glorious chill and an emotional boost.


Another peach crystal to get right to the heart of things. Dolomite harmonizes the energy of your environment, relives sorrow, and opens the heart chakra. It brings about an appreciation of the small things, the magic in the mundane. I have this one on my altar to remind me of the magic held in the minuscule pieces of life: that first sip of coffee, the way the light comes in my office window, the pit bull snoring under my desk. Dolomite focuses my attention on the little slices of peace that make the storm outside not seem so bad.

These crystals certainly are not the limit on feel good vibes. Any crystal that is a comfort to you will be of benefit to you! Now is a good time to even program a crystal with the intention to soothe and comfort you. You can do so by simply writing your intentions on a piece of paper and safely burning it, then passing your crystal through the smoke. Your intentions are powerful!

Send you peaceful, healing light,


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