Pisces Full Moon September 2nd

With a global pandemic putting so much on hold in our lives, a loss of identity has

been at the forefront for so many people. I know I've found myself asking, “who am I?". I was so caught up owning Coven, being a boss & living my life, that I thought I had already become who I was meant to be. Then Covid-19 hit & I was forced to hit pause. The negative reels in my mind started going off a few weeks ago as the shop has remained closed. I have felt as if I am not living a purposeful enough existence. Observing my cynical thought patterns allowed me to realize how much I am attached to external circumstances & gratification. Through the

gift of living on a spiritual frequency my goal is to become in love with my becoming. If I

only love my life once I become who I think I want to be, I will forever be looking for peace &

contentment outside of myself. I choose to view this long plunge into the pause & unknown as an integral part of my eternal evolution. Each moment of my life is vital, valid & holds meaning even when my ego doesn't see it as productive or important. When we hold still we have the ability to tap into our true self. Our true self is consciousness and this is the space that holds endless creative potential. Anything is possible from this source of energy. Pisces is the dreamer. Pisces are imaginative & full of original ideas! So dream big this full moon & don’t hold back! I am so eager for the downloads in store for me! I am so excited for who we are all becoming. Through loss, something beautiful is always born. I’ll see you all on the other side of this rebirth!

Keep Seeking,


If you are dreaming big, & having fun you should definitely incorporate crystals!

Amethyst: Third Eye & Crown

Carnelian: Passion & Creativity

Celestite: Peace, Harmony, & Divine

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