Tarot Readings at Coven

Coven is home to two amazing tarot readers. Whether you are looking for clarity or guidance, Steph and Ponchi are here to help facilitate! 

**UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 and current protective measures in place, until stated otherwise are offered as virtual readings. When you book with Steph and Ponchi, they will reach out to you to schedule your reading!

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Steph (she/her) is a queer, first generation Boricua-Italian writer & poet. When she isn’t writing, working, or raising; can be found summoning wisdom through tarot, co-hosting The Fallen Fruit podcast, reading three books at once, finding any excuse to dance, or plotting ways to dismantle the system. Steph offers a 4 card reading for $20, 6 cards for $30, and 9 cards for $40.

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Ponchi is a Spiritual Intuitive who has been reading Tarot for over half of her life. She's an Ordained Minister, Reiki Practitioner, and YouTube Vlogger as well. When reading Tarot, shes like to read in an intuitive fashion. This means shes uses the cards to channel a message specifically for you. Ponchi's readings are $40 for 10 cards plus oracle cards.