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Venus In Aquarius Essential Oil Roller Gemini

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☼ Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, according to western astrology ☼

Planetary Ruler~ Mercury
Element~ Air
Representation~ The Twins
Mantra~ "I Think"
Dates~ May 21st-June 21st

At Venus In Aquarius Apothecary, each astrological blend has the intention to inspire divine balance in each sign and by doing so, recognizing and honoring your unique and powerful gifts to become the very best version of yourself....using only what nature has provided! The essential oils used in my blends are certified organic and/or therapeutic grade Oils represented in the Gemini blend include:

Australian Sandalwood+Rosemary+Bergamot+Grapefruit
Lavender Flowers and blue lace agate

The scent is best described as sharp + alert + Invigorating & slightly Citrus-y! Perfect for the restless Gemini! All essential oils are certified Organic/Pure. Diluted in Organic fractionated Coconut oil. Coconut oil has a high vibration, absorbs into the skin easily without leaving a greasy residue, and its amazing for your skin :) All of my essential oil blends are reiki charged and handcrafted with love & light :) ~

Comes in a 15ml. roll on bottle

-Roll onto pulse points, or bottom of feet. Use daily, or whenever you're feeling a little off balance :)

☼ Brief Astrological Overview~

Gemini's may just be the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac! Being represented by the twins, they are prone to changing their minds and moods at the top of a hat. Some may perceive them to be two-faced because of this, but the reality is they just have dual personalities. Because of this, they are able to see both sides of an argument and situation. Gemini's are social butterflies by nature, because of their planetary ruler mercury, the planet of communication...they are talkative, quick witted, and are great at multi-tasking! They make fun loving and witty friends!

In it's low vibration, or when off-balance. Gemini has a habit of being all talk and no action. Mostly this is because of the twins and the constant shift. They also love gossip. Usually when a Gemini matures, they outgrow this. But it's important to be mindful especially if the gossip is negative or harmful. Another is not listening as well as you speak, this may make you come off as a bit narcissistic. Gemini's also have a habit of becoming bored easily.

Gemini's are intellectuals. Because their minds are constantly racing, writing and keeping a journal is very beneficial for a Gemini to channel their thoughts into physical form and to better understand the inner twins.

For external use only. Always do a small skin test first. Do not consume. Do not use while pregnant. Keep out of reach of children. Always consult with your medical practitioner before using aromatherapy products, especially if you're using topical medications that could interfere. This product is not intended to cure any chronic health ailment. Venus in Aquarius Apothecary is not responsible for misuse of these products.

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